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business stationery

Why Business Stationery is so important

Business Stationery is often your business’s first impression. I was in a meeting in Dubai with a client last week, we were talking about their new branding project. Bare in mind we don’t even have a brand name at this (…)

brand manifesto

How to Write a Great Brand Manifesto

What do you think sets some organisations apart from their competition? It is not a great product or good services, these can easily be copied or mimicked. In today’s world, great brands are those that have a clear purpose. Consumers (…)

Branding Colour Spray

Creative in business

Creativity is often thought of as a reserved attribute for those we assume are working in the ‘creative industry’. Most of us still consider certain people as ‘creatives’ and not ourselves. All too often I hear statements like: “I’m just (…)


Whats the cost of a Logo?

As with many designers, we are often asked “How much does it costs to design a logo?” Well that’s a broad topic and a little more information is required upfront before a accurate quote can be provided. That being said (…)

American Express Brand

You’re a Brand, not a Friend

There has been a lot of discussions on and offline about customer relationships and how to engage with your clients. Well here’s some news for you “You’re a Brand, not your clients friend that they wanna go drinking with”. A (…)

Nokia Design

Brand Beginnings

Having worked closely with many new companies, helping them find a name and identity, I found this a very interesting read. Many famous brands also went through this process, some with help of branding agencies, most just on a whim (…)


The value of Design

In addition to being a collaborative path toward innovation, design is a way to differentiate a brand’s products from its competitors’. This goes beyond logo, graphic design, and branding to enabling user and customer experiences that cannot be easily copied. (…)

Graphic Designer At Computer

Over working it..

I have always maintained that a work life balance is hugely important, sure I’ve done my share of late nighters and worked all weekend, but I’ve always made sure that employers and clients alike, know that this is the exception (…)