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Why Business Stationery is so important

Business Stationery is often your business’s first impression. I was in a meeting in Dubai with a client last week, we were talking about their new branding project. Bare in mind we don’t even have a brand name at this (…)

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Choosing a graphic designer for your small business

Summary: In graphic design, cheap isn’t always the worst and expensive not always the best. Here is what you should look for in a crowd of designers. Finding a graphic designer to assist with branding is a daunting task. For (…)


Whats the cost of a Logo?

As with many designers, we are often asked “How much does it costs to design a logo?” Well that’s a broad topic and a little more information is required upfront before a accurate quote can be provided. That being said (…)

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The Art of Logo Design

  This short documentary from Off Book is a great teaser into the Art of Logo Design.

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A tip of our simple design hat..

  The world is now brimming with great graphic designers, it’s a difficult task to make your mark on the industry these days. Yet there are names that will always stand out as pioneers in our field though and we (…)


A new Era, the Design Era

Every day my Twitter feed populates with astounding growth facts about the likes of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest and the more recent travel site, AirBnB. It is no coincidence that these successful brands seem to really value design and utilize (…)


The value of Design

In addition to being a collaborative path toward innovation, design is a way to differentiate a brand’s products from its competitors’. This goes beyond logo, graphic design, and branding to enabling user and customer experiences that cannot be easily copied. (…)

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Great Brands

I have always maintained that branding is so much more than a great logo, it’s all down to the experience that is reflected by a companies actions and that is controlled by everyone that respresents the company. This is a great (…)