Gibson Dubai Guitar Art Show

Gibson: Vision of Sound

We were approached by our events partner to help them design and brand a unique event based in Dubai. We worked closely with the client to produce a fitting Master Visual that could be carried through the events marketing, from Social Media to On-site promotions. The event showcased two pieces “Gibson Through the Lens” and “Gibson Guitar Art” – Animus Creative helped the team come up with an the overarching title “Gibson: Vision of Sound” that described both parts of the show.

The exhibitions encapsulate a new take on musical art with the exclusive ‘two day only’ “Gibson Through the Lens” – a globally touring photographic exhibition showcasing Gibson’s history and associated artists over the last few decades.

Additionally, Guitar Art takes 18 guitars redesigned by some of UAE’s most well-known artists along with one 120th anniversary Les Paul signed by Lenny Kravitz, all especially for Peace One Day that will be auctioned with proceeds going to Charity.


Gibson Guitar Art Show